Heather Thorne RVN pet care specialist
Heather Thorne RVN
As a registered veterinary nurse it is my honour and passion to be able to work with animals and care for family pets as if they were my own.  I want to work towards providing nursing care to pets, in their own home.

I have grown up with animals and just knew I had to work with them and look after them.  My family have had a variety of different animls as I grew up.  This includes dogs, cats, a rabbit, a guinea pig, hamsters, a gerbil, african land snails and bearded dragons.



I completed a national diploma in animal management before I started working in small animal veterinary practice in 2009.  I completed my national vocational qualification over 2 years,  and qualified in 2011. 

I love all aspects of veterinary nursing; dentistry, radiography and nurse consultations but my passion is medical nursing;  helping sick patients recover and providing all the care and attention they need.


Betty Boop

Betty boop



I am owned by two cats, Betty boop and Theo.

Betty boop was a stray who I found whilst working in practice.  She adopted us in Novemeber 2013.  She is a Domestic longhaired, black cat who enjoys sleeping on our bed, sunbathing and food.  Betty boop's birthday is 10/03/2010

Theo is my hand-reared fur baby who moved in with his 3 siblings in the summer of 2014.  He is a Domestic shorthair, large tabby cat who enjoys exploring outdoors, food and belly rubs.  Theo's birthday is 07/07/2014


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