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Purr-fectly Happy Pet Care


What should I expect when I have a pet sitter look after my fur baby?

We tailor our visits to your pets’ needs therefore will visit
them at home as many times as they need. 1, 2 or even 3
visits a day. Each visit is for a minimum of 30 minutes or we
can provide an hour or longer if needed.

At each visit we complete a home care chart that details your
pets’ demeanor, eating habits, toileting habits, exercise/play
time, general health assessment. This way we can evaluate
your pets’ health status.

Heather is a reliable, trustworthy and a conscientious
Registered veterinary nurse and looks after your fur babies
as if they were her own.

How can I trust Purr-fectly happy pet care to look after my fur babies?

As a registered veterinary nurse Heather is unable to be on
the register if she has any criminal convictions. Heather has
a DBS check to confirm this, to put your mind at rest.
Heather also has a pet first aid certificate along with full insurance through Pet Plan Sanctuary

What time of day do you make visits?

Morning visits will be between the hours of 6.30am – 10am,
Evening visits will be between the hours of 5pm – 8pm.

Should I keep my cat indoors?

We recommend that you keep your cat(s) indoors whilst you
are not home as they may not respond to a strangers call to
come home, therefore stay outside until your return.

Any cats’ who live outside, more than inside, can and should
have outdoor access as long as there is suitable provision
for shelter, clean bowls for food and water and clean

How can I keep my cat happy?

Heather is dedicated to providing all the attention your pets’
do (or don’t) want but sometimes you being away can be
stressful for them.
We can recommend using feliway for cats and pet remedy
for rabbits, guinea pigs etc.

What happens if my cat needs to see a vet?

Heather can transport your pet to a veterinarian for routine
appointments or in an emergency, if required. There is an
additional fee of £10 per visit for this service and can only be
provided alongside the pet sitting contracted dates. A
veterinary release form is included in the Purr-fectly happy
pet sitting contract

Our petplan sanctuary insurance includes pet transport cover, as
per policy terms and conditions.

What happens in an emergency at my home?

If there is an emergency with your home whilst you are away
we will make every effort to contact you. We will also
contact your emergency contact, that you will have provided
to us in the Purr-fectly happy pet sitting contract, for them to
control the situation. If your pets cannot remain at the
property, they will be moved to a safe location in a boarding
establishment as per our terms and conditions.

How much does it cost per cat?

We do not charge per cat but per visit. A visit will be for a
minimum of 30 minutes, once or twice daily, but we can provide
hour long visits as required. If you have a lot of cats’ we might
need an hour long visit to adequately provide care for them.

I have 2 cats, 1 rabbit and fish, can you help?

YES! We have experience with caring for a range of species
therefore will look after a range of small animals in the comfort of
their own home.

What experience do you have?

Purr-fectly happy pet care has more than 10 years’ experience working within the veterinary industry as a veterinary nurse working with a range of animal species. We have helped sick, injured or abandoned animals in need.
Heather has been running her pet sitting business since July 2018 and thoroughly enjoys meeting new humans and fur babies.

What happens if my cat goes missing?

If you have provided us with a signed permission form to allow
your cat(s) outdoor access whilst you are away, then we would
initially contact your emergency contact for assistance. We would
notify you within 24 hours, if your cat has not returned. We would
also advise all local veterinary practices and we can also contact
the microchip company to register the pet as lost. We would
search the area, ask neighbours and endeavor to find your fur

Do I need to inform my vet that I have a pet sitter?

If your pet is receiving veterinary treatment or medication, at
the time of the agreed pet sitting dates, then you must
provide your veterinarian with our details so Purr-fectly
happy pet care can liase with your vet as and when needed.

Can you look after my dog?

We are able to provide pop-in visits to allow dogs to go
outside to toilet, feed, fresh water and interaction with a
cwtch and play. We can also give medication if required. A
visit will be for, a minimum, 20minutes. This is NOT a dog
walking service and would only be appropriate for older dogs
or puppies that are being left for longer than 4hours. We
may be able to tailor our service to your pets’ needs and stay
with them for the day but this is a limited service and
advanced notice is required.

How do I know that my keys are safe?

Your keys are always kept in a locked tin and kept with
Heather. No-one other than Heather has access to the
locked tin and it is kept secure at her property overnight

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